Special Issue on Coal and the Environment
Volume 25, Issue 4
December, 2012


Coal, Injustice, and Environmental Destruction: Introduction to the Special Issue on Coal and the Environment
          Shannon Elizabeth Bell and Richard York

Addictive Economies and Coal Dependency: Methods of Extraction and Socioeconomic Outcomes in West Virginia, 1997-2009
          Robert Todd Perdue and Gregory Pavela

How Big Is Big Coal? Public Perceptions of the Coal Industry's Economic Impact in West Virginia
          Debra Blaacker, Joshua Woods, and Christopher Oliver

The Long-Term Effects of a Coal Waste Disaster on Social Trust in Appalachian Kentucky
          Shaunna L. Scott, Stephanie McSpirit, Patrick Breheny, and Britteny M. Howell

"Laciana Is Black. Greens Go Away!" Environmentalists as Scapegoats in a Mountaintop Removal Conflict in Laciana Valley, Spain
          Amaranta Herrero Cabrejas

The Messy Politics of "Clean Coal": The Shaping of a Contested Term in Appalachia's Energy Debate
          Jenrose Fitzgerald

Up in Smoke: The Human Ecology and Political Economy of Coal Consumption
          Brett Clark, Andrew K. Jorgenson, and Daniel Auerbach

Coal River's Last Mountain: King Coal's Apres moi le deluge Reign
          Ryan Wishart